Road Trip America

With the turn of the new year I currently find myself counting down the days until Monday 11th February 2013, as on this day myself and my beautiful girl Lu will be boarding a plane from London Heathrow to JFK International, New York. We will be embarking on a six month road trip adventure across the United States of America. There will be highs and lows, good times and bad, but one thing is for certain, we will be consuming some incredible American cuisine along the way.

As a first post I thought I should start with a map showing the rough route we intend on taking across this MAMMOTH country.

Road Trip America

6,500 miles and 100 hours of driving in 180 days. With breakfast, lunch and dinner, that’s 540 meals to be had by each (not including any drunken 2am snacks).

In this blog I will attempt to keep you updated with our travels, tell you about the people we meet along the way, the music that keeps us sane on the road and will bring you tantalising photos of American cuisine at it’s best.

So, in the words of beloved American, Julia Childs… Bon appétit!


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