Bangkok Farmers Market

After waking up on Saturday morning and feeling a little too much JW Black Label still coursing through my veins I decided why not take a trip to the weekend Bangkok Farmers Market located at K-Village on Sukhumvit Soi 26. Fresh air, sunshine and some delicious local food would surely prevent the immanent hangover from kicking in.

Thailand Organic Produce

The market is held on the last weekend of every month (8am – 5pm) with a large range of vendors focusing on organic and eco-friendly products. In addition to food and drink there are a number of stalls selling other goods, such as bespoke wooden cutting boards, handmade jewellery, potted plants and bonsai trees. A selection of local artists perform throughout the day on a small stage in the heart of the market, providing ambient soundtrack as you browse food items. Community yoga classes take place under a marque outside the market and there are large leather bean bags dotted around to slump into if you’re in need of a break or a place to devour food in a more graceful fashion than the classic “eating and walking” tactic.

Bread and Pastries

So moving on to food, I started things off with a couple of native French oysters on the half shell. Plump, salty and sweet. A few drops of lemon juice was all that was needed to extenuate the natural flavours of these beauties. Breakfast was taken care of.


With my appetite well and truly warmed up it was time for something more substantial. The smell of roasted pork caught my attention and following my nose I came across a stall run by Appia, a restaurant I had heard about from many people but hadn’t yet visited. An interesting concept, essentially Italian food but marketed as “Roman Family Recipes”. The chef/owner, Paolo Vitalette, grew up a butcher’s son eating plates of wholesome pastas, stews and roasted meats from his family butchers. Appia’s menu sets out to serve this style of rustic food using the best ingredients possible. The stall was offering slices of Appia’s porchetta (deboned organic pork loin, stuffed with fennel, rosemary and garlic before being rolled, tied and roasted). The pork was tender and flavoursome with the herbs and garlic, the occasional chunk of crisp crackling added texture and of course beautiful flavour. The porchetta was stuffed (literally to bursting point) in a crusty cob roll (baked by Appia’s in-house baker, with the perfect texture and amount of chewiness) with a selection of lightly pickled vegetables (cauliflower, green beans and carrots). Delicious and for this reason I will be making a trip to Appia very soon.

Appia Porchetta

After my savoury porchetta roll I was in need of something sweet and this came in the form of a Chinese steamed bun. This particular version had a molten salted egg yolk custard filling. Yes, these steamed buns do taste as good as they sound. Pillowy soft Chinese steamed bun dough, encasing a warm, completely liquid yolk custard that is both gloriously sweet but with a satisfying saltiness (think salted caramel). Essentially crack buns.

Chinese Egg Custard Steamed Bun

I managed to sample a few other items, including some soft baked cookies washed down with the all important fresh coconut water of a young Thai coconut. On the subject of coconut an interesting product caught my eye, coconut jam. Made by pounding the flesh of young coconuts into a pulp and then combining with the coconut water until the texture of jam is achieved. Made by Vegan Bakery Bangkok and tasted so good from sampling, I just had to buy a pot. I also came away with a box of freshly baked Dutch style caramel stroopwafels from Karamella Thailand and a bag of organic cranberry almond granola with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. A positive bounty of treats to see me through until next months Bangkok Farmers Market.

Bangkok Farmers Market – K-Village, Sukhumvit Soi 26 (every last weekend of the month 8am-5pm)


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